An HTML Adventure Game



This Game Is Dedicated to My Adventure Buddy
From Coast to Coast from Country to Country

You were my shadow for over 12 years, and what a blessing it's been. All the laughs and smiles you constructed out of thin air. Your sense of adventure and love bound with intelligence will never be forgotten. As I try to wash away the pain with bleach and the mop, I notice your blood still staining the floor. You were a warrior to the very end and even in your final moments you were willing to follow. Your gentle eyes and never ending love and affection can attest to your story.

Ready to Go Ace's Friend the Pig Ace and Robin Hood Enjoying the Breeze

I love you Ace, and look on the bright side, now we can walk anywhere without the leash. Even that fancy ass beach with the no dogs allowed sign.

You're free now. Für Immer Libre. See you on the other side.


[For Future Use]
Hey, to the dude that made the jingle for this game... I want to credit you.. but the admin of Agora Road banned me and deleted all my threads. I can't find your info anywhere... find me please.. you made this dope game audio and I wanna give you credit. Hit me up!